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Caring for the satisfaction of every customer , we offer both long-term rental cars, as well as car hire short and medium-term.

Car Rental FleetBook

The Fleetbook Car Rental Company, with its registered office in Warsaw, which operates throughout the territory of Poland, is the perfect place for anyone who needs a car for personal or business use, but is not thinking about buying his own one.

Over 20 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to meet our Clients' requirements and expectations. We can safely say that we offer high quality services connected with leasing and rental of cars, specifically adjusted to the Client's expectations.

The FleetBook Car Rental Company guarantees the highest quality of service. Our offer ensures fixed and predictable costs of the vehicle fleet.

We give you a chance to rent more than 200 reliable cars in various segments. Most of our cars are new. 

Cars rented in the FleetBook Car Rental Company, with its registered office in Warsaw, are always clean and fully prepared and available to our Clients. Regular maintenance and verification of the technical condition ensures the highest level of reliability. 

You can rent and return the car to the FleetBook Car Rental Company anywhere in Poland. Our skilled drivers will hand over and collect the car from you as well as provide all the necessary information.

Satisfaction with the car is the most important criterion for us. The fact that our Clients recommend us is the measure of success for us. The FleetBook Car Rental Company is a long-term cooperation based on partnership and mutual approach. 

You warmly invite to cooperation!

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Attractive prices

Very favourable price offer with transparent terms of cooperation and flexibility in the approach to Clients are our competitive advantages.

Taking care of Client's satisfaction, we offer both daily rent (rent a car), medium-term rental and long term rental, including full-service for car leasing.

Daily Rental (Rent a Car) allows you to rent a car in Warsaw in the daily system. Fixed price for one day rental in gross amounts with unlimited mileage is clear and transparent offer.

Medium Term Rental allows you to rent a car for a period of 1 to 24 months. The ideal solution for Clients, who do not want to be associated with long-term leasing, and at the same time want get the rental rate very close to them. Renting a car in the medium-term rental is a full service that guarantees fixed costs.

Long Term Rental which is often a Full Service Leasing allows the financing of the vehicle fleet, together with all the technical services (periodic inspections, warranty repairs, purchase and replacement of tires) with insurance and replacement car. Our registered office in Warsaw with the technical department is available 24 hours a day 

Individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations are Clients of the FleetBook Car Rental Company with its registered office in Warsaw.


Broad and varied car fleet

As a modern and dynamically developing car rental company, we have a wide fleet of vehicles. We have different classes of cars and brands in our offer such as Chevrolet, Opel, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Peugeot. We offer our services throughout the country, providing technical support to our Clients in every major city in the territory of Poland.

In the offer of our car rental company, with its registered office in Warsaw, you can find cars of different classes. A + Class Car, a city car with a small fuel consumption and ease of parking. Vehicles of segment B and C provide a more comfortable journey by car. C + Class car is the ideal solution when you have lots of luggage and long distance to travel. D segment car is characterised by the greatest comfort and the richest equipment that will ensure that driving will be a pleasure.

We make every effort to provide our Clients not only with comfort, attractive prices, but also with security. We believe that our car rental company, with its registered office in Warsaw, will meet your expectations, and working with us will be satisfactory for you.

The FleetBook Car Rental Company, with its registered office in Warsaw, is a partner worth recommending.

You are kindly welcome to come!

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