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Car rental guide

There are many companies on the market that provide car rental services.

For your convenience, we have prepared a car rental guide, which will facilitate the choice of offer and show elements, which are worth noting.

1. The price

When comparing the price, it should be noted that it is given in the gross amount (with VAT).

The same should be the parameters of car rental i.e. the duration counted in days, and car class (A + / B / C / C + / D / SUV).

See the car models and their prices in the FleetBook car rental company.

2. Mileage limit

It is worth to choose offers of unlimited mileage. Some car rental companies limit the amount of kilometres in case of the daily rental. Exceeding this limit result in additional charges for overmileage.

The FleetBook Car Rental Company - Unlimited mileage.

3. Preparation fee

A single fee for the preparation of the car should be added to the price of car rental. The Client does not have the obligation to return the car perfectly clean. Thus gaining time and convenience.

The FleetBook Car Rental Company - One-time fee for preparing the car in the amount of 50 PLN gross.

Some car rental companies introduce additional, often higher charge, for return of dirty vehicle, which is then executed.

The FleetBook Car Rental Company - No fees for return of a dirty car.

4. Hand over / Return of the car

The hand over and return of the car at no extra charge usually occurs in the registered office of car rental company. The airport is an exception, because there is always an additional charge for handing over the vehicle.

Delivering the car in the location indicated by the Client is an additional service. This cost should also be compared when choosing a company.

See the price list of the FleetBook Car Rental Company.

Each hand over and return of the car should take place using the appropriate protocol in writing. Please familiarise yourself with the condition of the vehicle and verify that all possible damages are highlighted in the document signed later. Unfortunately, there are dishonest companies on the market that are focused on profits from charging Clients for damages, which were not observed when receiving the car.

Download hand over / return of the car protocol in the FleetBook Car Rental Company.

5. Document Templates

Any reliable car rental company should place key documents, such as   Rental agreement   and   Terms of rental. on their website. We recommend you to read them before receiving the vehicle.

6. Insurance

Cars in the car rental companies have full third party 
liability insurance (OC) and motor hull insurance (AC). Typically, there is also the so-called own contribution connected to the damages liquidated from motor hull insurance (AC). This applies to situations where the Client caused the damage to the vehicle, or is not able to identify the culprits.

You can buy additional insurance (without one?s own contribution) so that you shall have no additional costs even in the event of damage to the car because of your fault.

Additional insurance - the abolition of own contribution in the FleetBook Car Rental Company - 20 PLN gross per day.

7. Additional fees

It is good to verify additional charges that may be associated with renting a car for example, additional driver, GPS, child seat, a trip abroad.

8. Deposit

Most car rental companies require a standard deposit as a form of security. Taking into account that the rented car is worth tens of thousand zlotys, the amount is symbolic and returned after the rental period. It also proves the credibility of the Client.

A deposit in the FleetBook Car Rental Company- 500 PLN or 1000 PLN depending on the class of the car (blocked on a credit card or collected in cash, subject to payment for rental through payment / credit card).

9. Opinion about car rental companies

It is worth to verify the reviews on car rental companies that are available on the market. Dissatisfied Clients often report about their problems on the forums.

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