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Long Term Car Rental / Full Service Leasing - Fleetbook Warsaw

About us:

FleetBook Sp. z o.o. is a  rapidly growing car rental company. The owners have 20 years' experience in the car rental business and an excellent knowledge of the market. Our main competitive advantage is the combination of attractive prices, transparent terms of cooperation and a flexible approach to our Customers.

Long-term car rental / Full Service Leasing:

The outsourcing of operating tasks which are not directly related to an enterprise's main line of business is a global trend which is enjoying increasing popularity due to the enormous benefits it brings to businesses. Long-term car rental is a very convenient form of outsourcing.

Under the long-term car rental scheme, Customers rent a car for use for a period ranging between 2 and 5 years. Long-term rental is an alternative to conventional leasing arrangements or car purchase. By paying a fixed lump-sum monthly fee, the Customer is free to use the car during the agreed rental period.

Aside from fuel, the Customer does not need to incur any costs. The rental fee includes costs of maintenance, service and car insurance. Also covered is the purchase of tires together with storage and seasonal changes. Following a joint assessment of Customer?s needs, the best possible option is selected with regard to the car brand and model, engine type and accessories, the duration of the rental period and the kilometre limit.

An additional advantage is that our Customers are free to modify the duration of rental and the kilometre limit during the rental period.

Long-term car rental schemes offer a number of important benefits such as fixed and predictable costs of car maintenance, and payment of the difference between the purchase price and the assumed residual value (resale price) only. Another vital argument in favour of long-term car rental is the fact that companies do not need to engage their capital in the fleet. Consequently, the money saved can be invested to achieve higher business profits.

What does the long-term car rental / Full Service Leasing scheme involve?

  • Possibility of using pre-contract cars (car delivery guaranteed on the following day);
  • Careful assessment of needs and selection of the best car fleet options matching the Customer?s needs;
  • Ordering, registration and preparation of cars prior to their release to the Customer;
  • Car fleet financing (at a fixed interest rate);
  • Liability insurance (OC) and comprehensive cover (AC);
  • Comprehensive management and funding of car service: warranty and post-warranty inspections, replacement of wear parts used during normal operation.
  • Car assistance and 24/7 access to the technical hotline;
  • Organization of car accident and claim management services across Poland;
  • Tire management (tire purchase, storage and seasonal changes);
  • Provision of replacement cars if the contract cars are out of order or otherwise unfit for use;
  • Collective invoicing.

What are the financial benefits for the company?

  • No need to expand the company?s car fleet department, which reduces administrative costs;
  • Precise planning and budgeting;
  • Easy control of fleet-associated costs;
  • Collective invoicing which reduces costs involved in posting multiple small payments in the accounting system;
  • The Customer assumes no risks related to the value of the car on completion of the rental period. Car resale is performed by FleetBook;
  • Reduction of costs associated with employee downtime. In the event of car breakdown/damage employees receive replacement cars, which means they remain fully mobile;
  • Better credit score: no need to incur credit for the purchase of cars;
  • Higher return on investment ? and a possibility to allocate funds for projects which are directly related to the company?s main line of business.

Pick any car of your choice and we will fund it for you.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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