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Medium Term Car Rental - Fleetbook Warsaw

About us:

FleetBook is a rapidly growing car rental company. The owners have 20 years' experience in the car rental business and an excellent knowledge of the market. Our main competitive advantage is the combination of attractive prices, transparent terms of cooperation and a flexible approach to our Customers.

Medium-term car rental:

Under the medium-term car rental scheme our Customers can hire a car for a desirable period of time ranging from 1 to 24 months. With this modern solution companies can build a car fleet within a very short time and on conditions that are similar to long-term rental schemes.

Our medium-term rental service brings the greatest benefits to companies which:

  • have only just begun their business activity;
  • implement projects that have a defined time frame (1-24 months) or are seasonal in nature;
  • take on new staff (however, if a new staff member fails to make the grade, their car can be returned at the end of the trial period and rehired on completion of the new staff recruitment process);
  • wish to be flexible in increasing/decreasing the number of vehicles in their fleet.
  • due to a variety of reasons decide not to take up a long-term obligation in the form of leasing/bank credit/long-term rental.

Main features of the medium-term rental scheme:

  • With medium-term car rental you can quickly build a car fleet while keeping formalities to an absolute minimum;
  • Medium-term rental ensures very attractive rental fees thanks to discounts received by the Renter for car purchase;
  • Minimal formalities make it possible to start and end the car rental period quickly and easily;
  • The outcome is maximum flexibility for the Customers. They are free to extend the rental period at a reduced monthly rate.

The scheme is a very profitable alternative to the purchase or long-term hire

The medium-term car rental scheme ensures:

  • Flexible rental period (from 1 to 24 months);
  • Selection of car fleet size and composition (cars of various classes);
  • Quick car collection due to simple procedure of contract conclusion and financial verification;
  • Price calculated on the basis of the Customer?s needs: rental period and kilometre limit;
  • Comprehensive servicing of rented cars: operations, insurance, seasonal tire changes, replacement cars;
  • Easy budgeting of car rental: the Customer pays a fixed monthly fee;
  • Avoidance of car fleet downtime and loss in value;
  • Elimination of the problem of car fleet resale on completion of the period use;
  • Better credit score: no need to incur credit for the purchase of cars;
  • Higher return on investment ? and a possibility to allocate funds for projects directly related to the company?s main line of business;
  • Reduction of costs associated with employee downtime. In the event of car break down/damage employees receive replacement cars, which means they remain fully mobile;
  • Precise planning and budgeting;
  • Easy control of fleet-associated costs.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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